Why won't a Lawyer take my case?

Why won't a lawyer take my case?

Why won't a lawyer take my case?

People call me up and they say, “This is so frustrating. I've called five different law firms. No one’s returning my call. I have sent an e-mail to someone. They emailed me back, but I haven't ever been able to talk to anyone. Why won't they take my case?” A lot of

times, people won't call you back because it's not the type of case they handle.

So, let's say that you have a medical malpractice claim, or at least you think you do. And you're calling lawyers that are in the phone book that say they do personal injury, but no one’s calling you back. Usually that's because you're not calling someone that says they actually represent people on medical malpractice cases.

Another reason people won't take your case is, lawyers are generally nice - they try to be nice to the people that call them, especially lawyers that represent people as opposed to insurance companies. They get phone calls all the time. No one really wants to tell you that, that doesn't sound like a good case or doesn't sound like you’re injured, or that something you just said to them sounds suspicious. So, sometimes people will just give you a nice answer like, “you know, I'm too busy” or “I can't take that case right now” or “why don't you call so and so” and they'll give you the name.

So, I know it's frustrating, but a lot of times you're not getting a lawyer to take your case because you may not be calling the right lawyer that actually handles that kind of case. I’ll just give you two tips. One, try to narrow down the kind of case that you have. Again, if it's medical malpractice, look for someone that specifically says they do medical malpractice, then try to find someone that's near you to call. And then, if you don't get an answer, follow up with a second phone call and maybe an e-mail.

So, I'm Chris Parks and I hope that helps. Thanks.

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