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Boulder’s Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Is your insurance company chaining you to an unfair payout? Submitting an insurance claim is never a fun experience. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes make the process far worse by declining to help or capping your claim far below its worth.

If your insurance company refuses to pay for a claim they’re legally bound to, you don’t have to face them alone. We’ll put everything we’ve learned over 30+ years to use on your behalf and get you the settlement you deserve.

The insurance company’s obligation to you

According to Colorado law, it’s illegal for insurance companies to act deceptively when they deal with claims, also known as acting in bad faith. This applies to their dealings with their clients and the victims of accidents their clients cause.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean insurance companies always act fairly. Many times, they’ll cap a claim or deny it outright, claiming that your policy doesn’t cover your accident or cause of loss.

Whether you’re facing a denied home insurance claim, a capped medical reimbursement after an accident, or an insurance company that doesn’t want to represent you the way they promised, you may be entitled to compensation.

How to know if an insurance company is acting in bad faith

Bad faith defines activity or inactivity that’s intended to deceive you or keep you from getting the compensation you deserve.

An insurance company is acting in bad faith if they:

  • Refuse to investigate your claim
  • Conduct only a partial investigation
  • Delay paying a claim
  • Fail to communicate regarding your claim
  • Fail to explain why they’ve denied your claim
  • Require inappropriate or unrelated testing
  • Deny your claim unfairly

If you’ve been on the receiving end of these actions or feel that the insurance company has treated you unfairly, we can help. Colorado law says that you may be eligible to retrieve the insured amount in addition to punitive damages and other fees.

Insurance dispute cases we handle

Whether your insurance is refusing to fulfill its responsibilities or the insurance of the at-fault party is trying to minimize your experience and injuries, we’ll make sure that you never have to proceed alone.

We help accident victims with insurance dispute cases of all types, including:

  • Vehicle wreck injuries
  • Vehicle damage following a wreck
  • Home damage
  • Much more

We’ve worked on both sides of insurance claim disputes for over 30 years. No matter what kind of case you’re facing, our experience and knowledge of how the other side works can help you get what the insurance company owes you.

Ready to learn more about your options and if we can assist you? Fill out the form or call us at 720-805-1193 to schedule your free consultation and tell us about your situation today.


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