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Boulder's Back Injury Lawyers

Back injuries can come out of nowhere and linger for years after an accident. Whether you’ve been involved in a car wreck, a workplace injury, or some other kind of accident, someone else’s negligence doesn’t have to leave you saddled with medical bills and lost wages.

If you or a loved one are suffering from a back injury, don’t let the insurance company mistreat you. Let us recover the money you deserve. 

We bring a different approach to back injury cases

Every back injury case deserves a thorough approach and an attorney who’s willing to fight on your behalf. That means we don’t just seek damages; we’re willing to collect evidence and go to trial for you every time.

“Often, back injury cases demand extra work in helping the client find a doctor close to their home and willing to treat them. In a lawsuit, a doctor may have to testify on behalf of their patient, which makes some doctors reluctant to handle these cases. I have deposed dozens of doctors in cases involving back injuries. The vocabulary in a back case is different from other injuries. The lawyer you hire must understand the mechanisms of the spine and what your doctor is describing when he explains your injury and treatment to the jury. 

Not only do I regularly question doctors on behalf of my clients, but I have also cross-examined them when representing the other side in back injury cases. This has given me a chance to ‘walk a mile’ in the other side’s shoes.  It has also been an invaluable education as it has helped me represent my clients more effectively.” ~ Chris Parks

While we treat every back injury case individually, there are five standards you can expect from Chris Parks Law:

  1. Compassion and experience - We’re on your side.
  2. Swift action - We gather evidence and hire experts when needed.
  3. Aggressive litigation - We’re ready to go to court on your behalf.
  4. Personal representation - You’re not just another case to us.
  5. Financial protection - You pay no fees unless we win.

Economic Damages you can recover after a back injury:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and future lost income

Non-Economic Damages can recover after a back injury:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of Affection or Companionship

Suffering after an injury?

If you or a loved one are suffering from a back injury, Chris Parks Law will help you get the settlement you deserve without any upfront cost. Fill out the form or call us at 720-805-1193 to schedule your free consultation and tell us about your case today.


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