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Boulder Defective Product Attorney

Defective Product Case Example

A defective skeet throwing machine sliced open the right hand of one of our past clients — a right-handed neurosurgeon. When this machine was first manufactured in France, it had a glitch in its operating mechanism. The glitch caused the firing arm to release a target without being triggered by an operator unexpectedly.  At the time of the accident, my client assumed he had been injured because the salesman demonstrating the machine at a national skeet tournament in Phoenix had powered-up it up while on display.  But after talking with the salesman, it was apparent there may have been a problem with the machine itself.  After many months of discovery and heated litigation — including multiple hearings and motions to compel — we learned of the manufacturing defect. Due to our lawsuit, the manufacturer notified machine owners worldwide of the problem, which may have saved others from serious injury.

What does a defective product attorney do?

Defective product claims are also referred to as “product liability” claims. These cases are different from car wrecks or slip-and-fall accidents, which are some of the most common cases that personal injury lawyers handle. In a defective product case, it helps for a lawyer to have experience in this field.  Oftentimes, these cases require extensive research and discovery.  A law firm needs to be able to finance such a case by hiring experts, paying for reports, and traveling to take depositions. Fortunately, our firm is able to handle defective product cases, and we have the experience and know-how these claims require.

If you suspect you have been injured by a defective product, please call us at (720) 805-1193 to discuss whether you have a claim.

How do we handle defective product cases?

Like most cases, a defective product case begins with collecting evidence.  An additional and critical step concerns early research. Defective product claims are sometimes well-publicized and discussed on the internet.  At other times a defect may not be well known to the public but is being discussed among lawyers who handle these types of cases. Sometimes, it is necessary to do original research, including reviewing the United States and International patent applications, reading industry standards, and hiring engineers to test the product in question.  Aside from these unique factors, the prosecution of a defective product claim includes written discovery, the production of documents, and deposing witnesses.

It is difficult to summarize how a defective products case will be handled since each case is unique.  In the example above, you can read about a defective skeet machine.  In another case Chris Parks was liaison and co-lead counsel in a federal multi-district litigation case involving the Norplant Contraceptive Device.  These cases all concerned a contraceptive that the plaintiff’s alleged was defective. The Norplant Litigation required extensive document discovery, including a national document depository containing a warehouse full of paper that had to be reviewed by experienced lawyers one document at a time.  It also required members of the steering committee, of which Chris was one, to attend meetings throughout the country and speak to other lawyers about how the claims were being handled.  Again, each defective product case is different, so we cannot summarize what may be required in your case.  Your best guide will be an attorney with extensive experience in this field.

Economic Damages:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Property/Vehicle damage
  • Lost wages and future lost income

Non-Economic Damages:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of Affection or Companionship

Types of Defective Product Cases Chris has handled:

  • Norplant Contraceptive Device
  • Forklift Truck
  • Skeet Throwing Machine
  • Barrel Rack on an offshore oil platform
  • Knee Implant Device
  • TMJ Jaw implant device
  • Many others

What to do if a defective product injures you?

1. Seek Medical Help.

2. Take care to protect yourself and any property from further damage.

3. Collect Evidence – Take pictures of the product, have it examined by experts, and keep the product or its remains.

4. Call an experienced Law Firm that has dealt with defective product cases to discuss whether you may have a claim.

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