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Boulder’s Brain Injury Lawyers

Head and brain injuries can come from a variety of accidents. Unfortunately, they often leave the victim with long-term injuries that significantly change how they live their lives. Unlike other accidents that require medical bills in the short term, the long-term treatment options following a head or brain injury can quickly dry up your savings and change your financial status. 

If someone else’s negligence has left you or a loved one with a head or brain injury, you don’t deserve to face an uncertain financial future. Let us stand with you to get you the settlement you deserve.

What does a brain injury lawyer do?

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), many insurance companies will try to find a way out of paying damages and medical bills. This leaves the victims and their families shackled to medical bills, long-term care costs, and a lifetime of lost wages. 

Handling a head injury case can be challenging even for an experienced trial attorney. That’s why you need a seasoned Colorado head injury attorney to guide you along the way.

When you hire Chris Parks Law, you can expect us to:

  • Work with medical experts to document your injury and its lasting effects.
  • Make sure you’re treated fairly by the insurance company.
  • Help you navigate confusing medical and legal jargon.
  • Recover the damages you deserve.

Our team has worked with numerous clients who have been where you are. Let us bring our decades of experience to your case and pursue justice together.

"We have a trusted network of attorneys, doctors, and diagnostic experts that can help us in preparing your case for trial. If you have a serious brain injury case, please do not try to handle it alone — and do not trust your future to an inexperienced lawyer!” ~ Chris Parks

Our hands-on approach to head & brain injury cases

We’ve worked on head and brain injury cases that range from simple, short-term injuries to life-altering catastrophes. No matter what situation our clients find themselves in, we’re dedicated to a hands-on approach combined with rapid, aggressive litigation tactics.

While we treat every case individually, there are five standards you can expect from Chris Parks Law:

  1. Compassion and experience - We’re on your side.
  2. Swift action - We gather evidence and hire experts when needed.
  3. Aggressive litigation - We’re ready to go to court on your behalf.
  4. Personal representation - You’re not just another case to us.
  5. Financial protection - You pay no fees unless we win.

Have you been injured in Colorado?

If you or a loved one have experienced a head or brain injury, Chris Parks Law will help you get the settlement you deserve without any upfront cost. Fill out the form or call us at 720-805-1193 to schedule your free consultation and tell us about your case today.

Case Study - A Construction Site Accident

The CT scans below are from a case that we handled recently for a carpenter who lost a significant portion of his brain after falling through an unmarked hole at a construction site. He was lying unconscious in intensive care for twenty-one.

His wife hired us and we immediately began interviewing witnesses, notifying the opposing insurance companies that we were representing the family, and interviewing experts. We also managed to take photos of the scene, document the weather at the time of the accident, and begin gathering certified copies of the police and fire department reports, including audio of the 911 phone call, first responder reports, body cam footage, and photographs. 

When we were hired, our client was receiving workers' compensation. However, we immediately determined that the weekly checks he was being sent were less than what he was entitled to under Colorado Law. The insurance company's lawyers vigorously disagreed. 

Using the evidence we collected, we successfully fought to increase his wage replacement benefits, and that additional money totaled thousands of dollars that helped support his family while he was off work for well over a year. While we were fighting to increase his benefits, we also helped explain to his wife how workers' compensation and third-party lawsuits could be used to recover more money than workers' compensation alone.

Our efforts paid off resulting in a seven-figure award, including an annuity that will provide for our client and his family for the next thirty years.

Trial Exhibit - CT Scan after surgery - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020
Trial Exhibit - CT Scan after surgery - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020
Trial Exhibit - CT Halo View - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020
Trial Exhibit - CT Halo View - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020

Case Study - Astronaut Injured at Home Depot

An astronaut was injured at a Home Depot in Clear Lake, Texas by a drill press that had been knocked off an overhead shelf by a Home Depot employee. Jean-Loup Chretien was the first foreign citizen ever to be named a U.S. astronaut. A five-star general in the French Air Force, a decorated fighter pilot, a veteran of space flights aboard MIR and Spacelab, and a mentor to our entire astronaut corps, General Chretien was a vital part of the U.S. space program. He was slated to return to space and become the only person to work aboard three separate space stations.

When he was injured at Home Depot, the deputy assistant of NASA recommended only one attorney to handle the case. General Chretien’s wife called Chris Parks.

We went to work deposing witnesses in Washington, Atlanta, and Houston; hiring a Harvard professor as a store safety expert, and constructing a computer simulation of this devastating accident which demonstrated the crushing force of a sixty-eight-pound drill press being pushed off a fifteen-foot-high shelf by a forklift driver who was working on the adjoining aisle.

Within a year, this case was settled for a confidential amount. Today, in part because of this case, all heavy objects on the top shelves of Home Depot are secured by netting or other safety devices.


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