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Trial Exhibit - CT Scan Head - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020

What does a head and brain injury attorney do?

We fight to make sure you are being treated fairly by the insurance company, help you navigate confusing medical and legal fields, and get the money you deserve. Look at the CT scans on this page. These are from a case that we handled recently for a carpenter who fell through an unmarked hole at a construction site. He was receiving workers' compensation when we were hired, and we immediately determined that the weekly checks he was being sent were less than he was entitled to under Colorado Law. The insurance company's lawyers vigorously disagreed. We successfully fought to increase his wage replacement benefits, and that additional money totaled thousands of dollars that helped support his family while he was off work for well over a year. While we were fighting to increase his benefits, we also helped explain to his wife how workers' compensation and third-party lawsuits could be used to recover more money than workers' compensation alone.

Handling a head injury case can be challenging even for an experienced trial attorney, but a seasoned Colorado Head Injury Attorney can guide you along the way.

What is a TBI or traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury refers to the condition of the brain after a serious or severe head injury.  Effects of a brain injury can range from skull fractures and brain swelling to headaches, dizziness, nauseous, and sensitivity to light and sound. Of course, various other symptoms can occur later, including problems with vision, mental focus, and understanding. Our knowledge of these cases has become more advanced in the last few years, and the medical literature is updated almost daily.

Trial Exhibit - CT Scan after surgery - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020

How do we handle head injury cases?

Our firm approaches these cases with a combination of personal attention to our clients and rapid, aggressive litigation tactics.  Upon receiving a call regarding a brain injury, we often travel to interview the client at their home or hospital.  At the same time, we begin our investigation of the accident to determine exactly what happened.  In these types of cases, we have employed accident reconstruction experts, neuropsychologists, and even, in the case of the astronaut injured by a falling drill press at Home Depot, a professor from Harvard who had written a book on retail store design and human factors. It is crucial to start an investigation as soon as possible because in most of these types of accidents, the other side begins investigating the accident within hours of the occurrence.

In the case illustrated by the CT scans on this page, we were hired only days after the accident that caused this man to lose a significant portion of his brain. He was lying unconscious in intensive care for twenty-one days at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, CO. His wife hired us, and we immediately began interviewing witnesses, notifying the opposing insurance companies that we were representing the family, and interviewing experts. We also managed to take photos of the scene, document the weather at the time of the accident, and begin gathering certified copies of the police and fire department reports, including audio of the 911 phone call, first responder reports, body cam footage, and photographs. In this case, these documents helped us advocate for our client, increase the amount of his disability payments, and draft a comprehensive complaint detailing exactly how the defendant's negligence was the cause of his injuries.

Our firm believes in diligently collecting and preserving all the evidence as soon as possible, and in this case, it paid off.

One last thing, we started this section by talking about personal attention. Although we successfully resolved this case, we are still in regular contact with the client, his wife, and four young children. We have assisted them in hiring accountants, financial managers, and doctors to help them with their life after the accident, and, as we do for many of our clients, we will continue to help them in the future.

Trial Exhibit - CT Halo View - Chris Parks Law - Adams County, CO 2020

What to do if you are injured

  1. Get a Police Report if you are in an auto accident
  2. Seek medical treatment    
  3. Get Help – If you are confused about how to handle your case, or worried it could become more serious, call Chris at (720) 805-1193 for a free consultation.

-A Message From Chris Parks

A lawyer who defends insurance companies sent me a case where a high-ranking member of the military had been hit from behind by a truck going 60 mph as she tried to turn left off a highway.  For her, the worst part of the accident was that her 5-year-old son was with her in a car seat.  The truck that hit her flipped several times, took out a divider, and landed in a bar ditch.  Her vehicle was totaled.  Her son was fine, but she was unconscious for over 30 minutes and woke up sitting in a field surrounded by emergency personnel.

A traumatic brain injury such as the one she suffered disrupts the lives of the injured person and the lives of her family. Photophobia, or sensitivity to light; phonophobia, or sensitivity to sound; dizziness, vomiting, and trouble focusing are all common in TBI cases.  Imagine raising a 5-year-old when his friends come over, and you cannot bear any sound louder than a whisper.  Or imagine how upsetting it would be for your family if you could not stand to have the lights on in the house, even at dinner time. Finally, imagine trying to work if the light from your computer screen made you nauseous.

If you are suffering from the effects of a serious head injury, you may not have to imagine any of this.  This may be describing your life.  If so, I have handled numerous brain injury cases, and I may be able to help you. These cases are highly complex.  Medical articles are published on new research areas involving brain injuries every month, and lawyers specialize in handling only these cases.  Not only have I dealt with these cases myself, but I have a trusted network of attorneys, doctors, and diagnostic experts that can help me in preparing your case for trial.

If you have a serious brain injury case, please do not try to handle it alone — and do not trust your future to an inexperienced lawyer!  These are some of the most complex and challenging trials being litigated today, and you need a professional in your corner.  Call me right now at (720) 805-1193 and let’s talk.

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If you are the victim of a serious head injury, Chris Parks can help you through the court system and get you the recovery you deserve. Call (720) 805-1193 now to discuss your case.  We offer free case evaluations.

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