Lawyers Getting Along

Do opposing lawyers get along outside the courtroom? Take a look at this video.

Do opposing lawyers get along outside the courtroom? Yes, I usually get along with most lawyers that I deal with.

I've had plenty of cases where, after the case, I would buy the other side a beer. Especially if they fought hard, they never ever showed their hand, and they just did a great job in my opinion for their client. The kind of person that I would want to refer a case to if they needed a defense.

I do the plaintiff’s work. In other words, I represent injured people.

Some of my proudest moments practicing law have been when other lawyers, lawyers that have defended cases against me, have referred me injured people – friends, even relatives, even in one case a brother who was badly injured. That case was referred to me by the opposing side. It's a high compliment and it means a lot when you're a lawyer.

Sometimes, you're dealing with a person who you would never have a drink with, who you would never want to speak to out of court, and that's the reality of the situation.

Most times, especially in Colorado, it's a great bar - very professional. People are honest and, yeah, I have a drink with the other side often. But I don't respect someone who would try to ask me to do them a favor or cut a deal on the side.

So, yeah, lawyers get along especially the ones you know you recognize on the other side the integrity of the person - in that case absolutely you get along with the other lawyers.

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