How to Drive on Ice

Tips for how to safely drive on ice

So, I'm from Louisiana. I lived in Texas for a long time, and in Texas and Louisiana, people don't know how to drive on ice. But we're in Colorado, and if you're watching this video, you probably already know how to drive on ice. But here are a couple of the safety tips that AAA recommends.

First, you've seen people driving down the road, especially in your neighborhood, that didn't scrape their windows. Maybe they don't have a scraper. Never do that. If you were to get in an accident and you haven't scraped your front window or your back window or any of your side windows, and that has impaired your ability to see, you're going to have a big problem. And you might, well, be liable for an accident and you could hurt someone, obviously very badly.

The second thing is just drive slower when you're out on ice. Go slower than the speed limit if you need to keep three times the normal distance that you would from another car. And if you do start to skid, never slam on your brakes. That will upset the balance of your car. It'll be a lot harder to stop if you do start to skid. So, if you're in ice and you start to skid, apply your brakes, but just don't slam on your brakes.

So, I'm Chris Parks. I'm a lawyer in Boulder. If you do go drive on ice and you get in an accident, give me a call. I can probably help you and give you some advice.

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