How many people are involved in car accidents?

Studies show the percentage of people who have been in car accidents.

How many people are involved in car accidents? Believe it or not, Esurance did a survey and 77 percent of the people they surveyed had been in a car accident.

Obviously, every time you get an accident you don't need a lawyer. I'm a personal injury lawyer. I specialize in car accidents and a lot of people that call me do not need a lawyer.

If you've been in a car accident, if you're one of the 77 percent, give me a call. I'm happy to discuss the accident with you. Whether or not you might need a lawyer, and even if you don't need a lawyer, I can probably explain a lot of what you're going through. For instance, how to deal with an insurance company, what to say when they call you, how to give a statement.

I’m Chris Parks. I'm a lawyer in Boulder, Colorado. Give me a call if you're one of the 77 percent.

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