Can you sue after settlement?

Can you still sue someone after a settlement agreement? Chris explains.

So, can you sue someone after you sign a settlement agreement? No.

Well, in general, a settlement is a settlement and your signature at the end of that settlement agreement is not a mere ornament. It's an agreement. Judges are very loathe to let someone out of a signed agreement when all parties are in possession of the facts they need to make a decision.

So, generally, you're not going to be able to just get out of a settlement agreement because some slick lawyer has an idea how to do it. You’ve got to run that past a judge and the judge is going to have to decide and he's going to be weighing it out on both sides. So, the scales of justice are in back of me, that's what that means. Is it fair? Is it right?

We don't sign settlement agreements lightly and I’ve rarely seen it where someone can just turn around and sue someone else after signing a settlement agreement.

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