Why do people call me?

Why do people call Chris Parks Law?

So, I'm Chris Parks, and I wanted to talk to you today about the most common way that people call me on the phone and why. And that is, they've been in an accident, and they've talked to the insurance company for the other side.

They thought that it was going to be an easy conversation, that they would just explain how badly they were hurt. They've heard about people getting settlements for these types of cases and they thought that, you know, surely this insurance adjuster that was really nice to me early on, is just going to do their job, be fair, and send me a check.

But what ends up happening, is the insurance company keeps asking the people that call me for more and more information. Every time they go to the doctor, the insurance company wants a copy of the bill and a copy of the record. And every time the injured person sends more documentation to the insurance company, they either lose it or they say they can't find it, or they're waiting for it in the mail. Or they ask for more documents, even after they've sent four and five and six sets of documents.

Basically, people get frustrated with insurance companies. I probably get more calls from people that have already been dealing with insurance companies than I do from people that have been injured and just want me to handle the whole thing.

So, if this is going on with you, if you've been talking to an insurance company and you're starting to get frustrated, you're not alone. You don't actually have to hire a lawyer, but if you want to talk about it give me a call. We’ll go over what's going on and I can possibly give you some advice on what to do next.

So, I'm Chris Parks. I’m a personal injury lawyer based in Boulder, and I hope this has been some help.

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