Shopping Around for a Lawyer?

Are you shopping around for a personal injury lawyer? Check out this video.

So, you're shopping around for a personal injury lawyer.

Listen, I talk to people every day that have already talked to a couple other lawyers, and that's great! That's exactly what you should do.

Most people call the big advertising lawyers on TV. That's fine - there's plenty of good ones. If you're in Boulder or if you're in Fort Collins, you probably want to call a lawyer in your area as well to see if you like them and if you think that they could help you just as well as a larger firm.

Then there are some people that don't want to go to a large firm no matter what.

Today I talked to two different people. Both of them had spoken to other lawyers and they wanted to know what the difference was between my contract and some of the other law firm contracts. And we talked about it.

Believe it or not, there are different percentages that personal injury lawyers will charge depending on who it is and what type of case it is.

I usually charge about a third. I don't change my contract for any client - that way every client I represent knows that they're getting the same representation and paying the same amount.

I don't discount my contract because 1/3 is the appropriate amount of money to charge in a difficult case that takes a lot of time from a lawyer.

If you have any questions about a contract that you're looking at for another lawyer; if you're shopping for law firms; if you don't even want to consider me but you're just considering two other law firms - give me a call. Maybe I can answer some questions and give you some direction and help you figure out how to choose a lawyer.

My name is Chris Parks. I'm in Boulder.

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