Pre-existing Injuries

How do pre-existing injuries impact your case?

What's a pre-existing condition, or prior injury? And how would that affect the case in Colorado? My name is Chris Parks. I'm a lawyer in Boulder, Colorado.

If you've been in a car wreck and you injured your back, and you have new pain that you've never had before. What would happen if you already had back pain before the car wreck? In other words, a pre-existing condition.

The answer is the pre-existing condition does not ruin your case or make you ineligible to get money. But it's going to be important that you talk to a lawyer about how that will affect your case. And in what ways you might receive less money, or in some circumstances, how that condition might put you in a different category when it comes to a jury charge and what you can ask for at trial due to your injuries from the car wreck.

My name is Chris Parks, give me a call if you have a question.

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