Minor Injuries

Are minor injuries worth filing a lawsuit over?

Are minor injuries worth filing a lawsuit over? The answer sometimes is yes. It really depends on the case.

My marching orders to my staff were, there are no small cases. If we think someone's honestly injured, if they need a lawyer, and they're not going to be able to handle it themselves, or they just want a lawyer, we would look at anything.

You know, I’m not going to take a case that's worth a couple thousand dollars because in most cases, I can tell the client how to handle that. But it is worth filing suit on any amount of money if you're hurt and you're in need of a lawyer, you need some help.

If that's you and you're not sure what to do and no one will talk to you, give me a call. I'll at least talk to you, visit with you, and see if there's something I can do for you. If I can, recommend to you how to handle it on your own, and if not I'll give you the names of some other lawyers.

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