Don't hire an Injury Lawyer...

Should you hire an injury lawyer?

I'm an injury lawyer.

Let's say you've been an accident. You were stopped at a stop sign and somebody just plowed into the back of you. It was pretty violent, really loud. You had a drink in your hand. It went flying and your glasses came off your face. But you're really not hurt.

You get out of the car. You go back and check on the guy. You didn't go to the hospital. You didn't even call the police. You got home with the phone number of the person that hit you. You wake up next morning and you're still not hurt, but it was definitely the fault of the person that hit you.

You know, you can call them up, you can negotiate with them, you can take your car in and get it repaired and maybe they will just pay for it. If so, if it's just property damage, don't call a personal injury lawyer because they usually only work on injury cases.

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