High Profile Cases

Who handles high-profile cases?

So, who handles those high-profile cases? In Boulder, we've been hearing about the Marshall fire that took place and all the devastation. Billions of dollars in damages that were caused by that fire.

You might remember that there was a Ford case where they dealt with defects in Ford Motor cars. There were lawsuits being filed. There was the Pinto case where the exploding gas tanks were injuring people.

There are all kinds of drug cases that you hear about on the news. Believe it or not, the people that handle those cases of the same lawyers that handle car wreck cases and other types of injury cases.

I personally have been involved in Norplant, which is a nationwide case. I've handled cases that involve jaw implants. I've handled cases that involved hip implants. All of which were handled on nationwide basis’s and also on a local basis.

If you are curious about some nationwide claim that's being advertised, or you want to know about some sort of defect case of a drug possibly that's being recalled, just call a local personal injury lawyer and ask them about the questions that you have. Usually, if they're not handling those cases, they can refer you to someone that is.

So, who handles these cases? The same lawyers that handle the car wreck cases and the accident cases in your community. My name is Chris Parks. I'm in Boulder. Give me a call if you have any questions.

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