Animal Law

Can you recover compensation for the death of a pet?

Hi, this is Chris Parks. I'm a personal injury lawyer in Boulder, Colorado and I want to answer a question about animal law.

People wonder if they can recover for the death of their pet. Actually, the people that call me usually wonder how much can they recover from the death of their pet. They assume they can.

I will tell you, I don't do much animal law - but there are entire websites dedicated to it. If you Google it, you will find things on animal law. But the answer is generally yes, of course. You've lost a pet; you have rights, and you have rights in Colorado.

So, if you have lost a pet, I'm sorry. If you'd like to discuss it more with me, give me a call. And if you're going to do the research on your own, literally put in the words "animal law" or "animal lawyer in Colorado" and I think you'll find plenty of lawyers that specialize in this. Thanks.

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