3 Questions to ask when Hiring a Lawyer

3 Questions to ask when HIring a Lawyer

Alright, what are 3 questions to ask when you hire a lawyer?

The very first one is, “do you ever go to trial?” There are a lot of lawyers, believe it or not, that don’t even know where the courthouse is – in a manner of speaking.

Most lawyers that do personal injury, actually sign up the case, negotiate with the insurance company, and hope that they can get the case settled without ever having to file a lawsuit.

The second thing you should ask a lawyer is, tell me about your background, tell me if you’ve ever handled a case like this. If it’s a car wreck, and the person advertises that they do personal injury, chances are they’ve done plenty of car wrecks.

But, if you get injured in an industrial plant, if you’re in a steel mill, if you have a relative that gets buried under a pile of coal, like what happened recently in Pueblo, Colorado. Those are unusual cases. You need to ask the lawyer, “have you handled something like this, and if you haven’t, will you refer me to someone that has?”

The third thing is, how much money is this going to cost me? Ask them to write it down, give you an example. What do they think your case is worth? Just make them break down the overall – the gross recovery, the lawyers fee, the cost, and your share.

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