Do I Need an Accident Lawyer?

One of the questions I hear most often is “How do I know when I need a lawyer?” It’s a valid question. Depending on the emotional distress and physical pain that results from a personal injury, sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether or not you should hire a lawyer.

Whether you or a loved one are stuck with medical bills after a car accident or you've experienced bodily injuries from a catastrophic event, here are the various situations you may encounter and how to determine if you should consult a lawyer.

Hiring a Lawyer for Small Personal Injury Cases

If you're involved in a small case where there isn't much damage to a vehicle or pain and suffering resulting in medical expenses, you likely don't need to consult a lawyer. In these cases, your insurance coverage will likely take care of your medical bills and other needs.

Additionally, if you're experiencing a situation where you have medium injuries, a few thousand dollars of medical expenses, and you've experienced a few months of pain but are actively healing, you likely do not need to hire a lawyer. Because you're actively healing and have checked with a doctor to verify that you don't have any long-term injuries, you probably don't need a lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Should I Represent Myself in Court?

If you are in a situation where you do have to go to court, there are a few reasons why it's wise to hire a lawyer.

First, the bigger the case, the more you will need help from someone who understands legal matters. If the opposing side, usually the insurance company, has a lawyer, it is especially important that you have legal representation to help you.

Because the law is complicated, there may be parts of personal injury law, evidence, and court proceedings that you do not understand. If you take the stand and testify on your own behalf, you may unknowingly make claims that are inadmissible in court. It is then the opposing lawyer's job to object, and it is the court's job to rule fairly, not to educate you on the law and court proceedings.

To put it plainly, without legal representation you will find it difficult to make a case for yourself, especially when you are faced with an opposing attorney who has been trained in personal injury law and court proceedings.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Case?

The general rule of thumb is the bigger the case, the more you will need a lawyer. If you have to take your personal injury claim to court, where you may have to take the stand and explain your situation, you are better off having legal representation to guide you so that you don't have to figure out the law for yourself.

If you've been involved in an accident and are wondering what you are entitled to and if you should find a lawyer, I would love to hear from you. I've been a personal injury attorney for over 30 years and have helped clients retrieve over $100 million after they've experienced personal injuries.

If you're facing a personal injury case and need help determining if you need a lawyer for your situation, you can call me at 720-805-1193. It won't cost you anything to call, and I would love to talk and see how I can help you get the help and protection you deserve.

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